Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guess Your Hat Color

100 persons including you are standing on the periphery of a circle, each of them wearing either a red or a green hat. Neither all the 100 hats are green nor all of these are red. None of them can see the color of their own hat but everyone else. A mathematician, who was passing by, looked at them and said - "I will offer a great sum of money to the guy who becomes the first one to tell the color of his hat correctly. I'll start asking each one of you in anti-clockwise direction starting from person named X. I can take infinite round of the circle asking each one of you sequentially unless I get the first reply " If you were lucky enough to be chosen as X what is the probability that you will win the prize?

Note : unless one is 100% sure, he should not tell the color of this hat. That means if one is not 100% sure, he should keep quite and just pass the turn to the next guy in the circle.

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